Regos Forms for Jira Cloud

Sections and components

Once installed, the add-on introduces a couple of sections and general pages to the Jira instance. In the next sections of this page, you'll find a description of the components created during the add-on installation.

Sidebar section

The first component introduced by the add-on is an item in the sidebar. This item is a direct link to the forms manager.

The item is only available to Jira in users and is accessible by anyone in the Jira users group.

General pages

By navigating to the forms manager the users will find a screen where they will be able to see the active forms (forms receiving submissions), inactive forms (forms closed), filters that will help to visualize them and a button to create a new form.

In order to submit the form, the add-on provides a general page that hols the form itself.

Finally, to visualize the responses, the add-on provides another general page where the users will be able to see the responses, a summary and responses' details.

Manage forms

The forms manager section is a hub for the forms created in the Jira instance. The users will find (from top to bottom):

  • A button to trigger the creation of a new form
  • Filters to list forms based on:
    • Users that created the form
    • Targeted project to create Jira issue on form submission
    • Form title
  • A table-list of active forms (the ones accepting submissions)
  • A table-list of inactive forms (the ones nos accepting submissions)

Create a form

When the user wants to create a new form, being in the forms manager she has to click on the "Create" button. This will start a wizard-like form that will guide the user through the process of creating a new form.

The first step is to define a subject (required) and a description (optional) for the form. 

The second step is to define the questions and their options. Some rules for the questions:

  • Can be multiple or single selection
  • Can have multiple options (at least 2 options)
  • Can be checked as required
  • Can display a comment box for additional details

The third step is to define all the settings for the form. The next screenshots show a summary of the available options.

Edition, anonymous responses and email notifications

Schedule a form for being closed at a defined time

Set specific users to submit and visualize the form summary (results)

Creating a Jira issue automatically

If desired, the form can be configured to create a Jira issue based on the form's responses. In order to do this the user just has to select the target project and the issue type.

Share a form

In order to get other people to answers the form, the user will have to generate a link.

  1. In the forms manager, locate the desired form in the table-list.
  2. Click on the "share" icon.
  3. Copy the link generated in the modal dialog or click the "Copy" button.

Answer a form

Once the user navigates to the generated link, the form submission is very straight forward, like any other form.

See results and responses

In order to visualize the form responses, the user will have to locate the desired form in the table-list and click on the chart icon.

The user will be taken to a new page where will be able to see a chart summary of the responses altogether with a table for every response received.

From the responses table, the user can click on a specific row and see a detailed view of the response.

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