Jira integration for Livechat

Hello there, and welcome to a quick tutorial about the Jira integration for Livechat.

In this document you'll find information to:

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Connect your Livechat and Jira accounts

In order to see the UI of this app it's necessary that you select a chat. If you don't you won't be able to interact with the application.

Once the app is active, the agent will be asked to connect with Jira. This authentication will be done using the OAuth process and is a 1-1 authentication. It means that every agent will have to connect his Livechat and Jira accounts. This improves the security level and prevents agents to access projects they don't belong to.

Write Jira subdomain

As specified in the image below, the agent will have to provide the Jira subdomain <subdomain>.atlassian.net it's important that the domain written here and the one selected in the next step are the same so that the app can complete the authentication process.

Once the domain is written, the sign in button will be enabled. Click it and go to the next step.

Authorizing access to the Jira app

As part of the OAuth process, the agent will be redirected to the screen displayed in the image below. In that screen the agent can see the permissions that will be granted to the integration.

Make sure the Jira instance selected here coincides with the one written in the previous step.

Once everything is ready, just click the Accept button. The agent will be taken back to Livechat.

General explanation of the UI

Now that the agent is connected to Jira, the sidebar will contain all the components needed to work with this integration.

On top of the UI you'll find the Project drop-down. In that component the app lists all the Jira projects that the agent has access to. It acts as a filter, so that a customer can have tickets in multiple Jira projects.

Below that drop-down you'll find the Create Jira issue button. It will provide access to a screen where a Jira issue can be created.

The rest of the UI is used to show the linked Jira issues. In the images below you'll se how it looks in both states.

View without Jira issues

View with Jira issues

Create Jira issues

Create a Jira issue is super easy! The agent just have to click on the Create Jira issues button available in the main screen and will be taken to a new screen when he can select the Jira issue properties and provide a summary and a description for the tickets. Some details about the customer are pre-filled if available (i.e name and email).

Once the issue details are ready, just click on Create and wait for the issue to be created.

Additional considerations

  • As mentioned before, every agent will have to connect the Livechat and Jira accounts.
  • The agent can sign out (disconnect) the Livechat and Jira account at any time. Just need to click the sign out icon placed on top-right of the sidebar section.
  • The integration checks for user permissions in Jira boards, so if the agent doesn't have access to the a board he potentially won't be able to create issues in there.

If you have any other question please contact us at contact@regosdevstudio.com