Slack Addon


From the Slack addon for Regos Recognitions Confluence page you need to click on the Add to Slack button, follow the instructions and select the channel to install the addon (by default, will be the channel where recognitions will appear).


When finished you will see a screen like this one:

First configuration

Once the addon has been installed you need to connect your Slack team to your Confluence instance. To do so, you need to use the connect parameter.

Available commands and parameters

To call the slack commands you will need to type /recognitions followed by one of this parameters. If no parameter is typed, by default the give one will be applied:

  • connect

  • disconnect

  • connect-user

  • disconnect-user

  • give

  • help


The /recognitions connect parameter helps you to connect your Slack team to your Confluence instance. Once typed, a form asking for your Confluence instance will appear and you need to full type the whole URL corresponding to your instance (https required). Example:

If the URL is validated correctly, the addon will give you a link that needs to be clicked in order to continue the process:

The generated link will expire in few seconds, so you need to do this step as soon as you can. If the token expires, you will need to repeat the process. If everything goes as expected, you will be prompted with a screen similar to this one:


Once in there, click on the Connect button and a screen like this one will appear, and the slack modal will be updated with the result:



Type /recognitions disconnect to disconnect your slack instance from your Confluence one. When typed, a modal asking if you confirm the action will appear:

If you click on Yes the addon will be disconnected.




In order to give and receive recognitions via the Slack addon the Slack users should be linked with your Confluence instance users. When the command is called, a message like this will appear:

When clicked, a page with a Connect button appears and the user should click it to do the connection:

After clicking it, a confirmation message will appear on your private messages:


Type /recognitions disconnect-user to unlink your user from the Recognitions instance.


To start giving recognitions you can type /recognitions give or the command /recognitions without any parameter. If your slack team has not been connected to the Confluence instance or your user is not connected you will be prompted to do so.

In order to recognize someone her user needs to be linked on the Confluence instance, if not, the users will not appear on the selection list.

If your configuration is correct a new modal will appear to start the recognition entry:

On the first dropdown you can select one or more users to recognize. Remember: The users should be connected to the Confluence instance in order to be listed.

On the textarea you need to type why you are giving the recognition.

And in the last dropdown you can select one or more values that identify the recognition.

When finished click on the Submit button, if the addon is configured with reviewers a notification will appear saying that the recognition is pending for review. When the recognition is approved by a reviewer the notification will appear on the configured channel.

If no reviewers configured a new notification on the configured channel will appear showing the new recognition.

Result without Reviewers:

Result with Reviewers:


The help parameter will show information about the command and the parameters that can be used:


If you still have questions you can contact us: or open a support ticket here.