Regos Forms for Confluence Cloud

Firsts steps - Creating our first form

Here we will see how to create our first form.

  1. We can create a new page or edit an existing one. When opened we can type "{" and the Macro suggestion will appear and we will select the "Votes for Confluence Cloud" option.

2. If the Addon doesn't appear in the Macro suggestion menu, we can select it manually by clicking on "Open Macro Browser" link and search for it.

3. Once the Addon is inserted in the page, the Addon will automatically open its Create form window:

Adding questions to our form

  1. Question

    • Form Title:The amazing title for your new form.This field is required.

    • Form Description:A description of the objectives of the form, what are you trying to achieve, or something else to motivate your teammates to answer your questions.

    • Add Question button:In order to add questions, you need to click here! When you click it, a section like this will appear:

  • Question Title: This is the first field and will be your Question to the users!
  • Question Option field: Second field is where you will select if the question will have multiple or single answers:

  • Is Required:Question will be marked as required when the user answers the form. If not answered, the form will not be able to submit.

  • Comments Box:When answering this question, an extra optional input will appear on, the user can type the reasons of her vote or any other comments.

  • Available answers: By default, form is created with two possible answers. If you want to delete some answers, you can use the '✖' button at the right of each answer.

You can add as more as you need with the last field available. To add a new question you can click the '✓' button, or when the field loses the focus, it will be added in an automatic way.

  • Extra options:If you move the mouse inside a question area, two buttons will appear:
    • It will delete all the Question

    • It creates a new question with the same data as the selected one.

Form Settings

  • The user can change the vote: If this option is enabled when a user submits a form, he will be able to edit his answers. If not checked, the user is not allowed to change his answers once the form is submitted.

  • Anonymous votes: If checked, users will not be able to see the other people answers.

  • Send email for each response: If checked, an email will be sent to the form's creator for each new response the form has. Additionally, the creator will be able to define up to 3 email addresses that will receive an email notification once a new response is submitted.

Important: We don't validate that the emails written in the form settings belong to a confluence user or even to the same domain than the form creator. Please be careful of who you'll send the responses to.

  • Show summary only to creators: If this option is enabled, the summary of the votes after the submission only will be available for the form creator. This use case is useful when we want to create a public form for feedback and just want to send a message to the user after she sent the vote.

Optionally, a custom message can be defined so that the final user will see it after the submission.

  • The form will automatically close on: The form can be automatically closed on a date and time. If not selected, the form will be open until the creator closes it.

  • Specific users: If you want to filter which users will be able to answer the form this is your option (the form will always be available for the creator). Write the first letters of the name, last name or email of the users, and a list will appear. Select all the desired users, and you will see something like this:

When all the required fields are complete (at least the title and one question), the 'Save' button will enable in order to save the question. Something like this will appear, and clicking the 'Publish' button, the form will be available to answer for the users.

Editing a form

You can edit the form by opening the page and double-clicking the macro. The form can only be edited by the form's owner and if the form is not closed if any of these conditions are not fulfilled, Save button will be disabled and an information banner will appear.

Also, if the form has answers, an information warning will appear informing that if you edit the form, all the answers will be lost. So do it at your own risk :)

Answering a form

When a user has created a page with a form and published it and another user or the same enters to that page, he will see something like this:

If the question has enabled Comments, a link will appear and if clicked, it will show the Comments input:


The form's summary can be viewed by submitting a form or being the form's owner.

  • Show/Hide comments:Toggle comments on the questions
  • Edit my Answers: It Will take the user to answer the form again, but it will be only enabled if the form has the option enabled.
  • Close form:Acts the same way as before and it will be only available for the form's owner.