Recognitions for Confluence Cloud - Privacy statement

  • Recognitions for Confluence uses Heroku as a host to create recognitions.
  • The plugin only uses Atlassian User's Id and the Confluence page's Id to store and search data.
  • The user's email will be used to send notifications in case the application is configured to do so. The email is not stored anywhere in our databases and it is only used for notifications purpose.
  • Every request to the plugin is validated using the JSON Web Token (JWT).
  • The plugin uses SSL to communicate with Confluence API.
  • We use Google Analytics to track visits to the addon.

Recognitions for Confluence Cloud - Slack Addon Privacy statement

  • Slack addon for Confluence Cloud uses Heroku as a host
  • The addon only stores the Slack Team Id and the Slack User's Id to search data
  • The addon uses SSL to communicate with the Confluence API
  • Every request to the addon is validated using the Slack OAuth flow.