Recognitions for Confluence Cloud

Glossary of terms


The users capable of managing the addon settings allowing them to control:

  • Core values
  • Reviewers
  • Notifications
  • Slack integration settings
  • Edit administrators
  • Delete recognitions and
  • Access the Report Tab

Core Values

Core values are the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization. These guiding principles dictate behavior and can help people understand the difference between right and wrong. Core values also help companies to determine if they are on the right path and fulfilling their goals by creating an unwavering guide. In the application context, the core values are the "why" you recognize a person. This catalog can be managed by the admnistrators under the settings section.


The reviewers are a group of people with the responsibility to check the new recognitions submitted by the users before they become publicly available. The members of this group can be defined un the settings section of the application.


Is the core product of the application itself. The recognition is measurable proof of the values that a person is living and are being observed by others.

App location inside Confluence

Once the app is installed by a Confluence administrator you can access it using the dropdown menu located in the [Apps] item in the Confluence navigation bar. Please see the image below for a reference.

Recognitions under the Apps menu in Confluence

First steps and app configuration

After installing the addon the user who installed it became the default administrator of the addon. 

In order for the users to start using the application, there are some settings that need to be defined prior the first use. In the next section, we will guide over these steps to help you tune Recognitions for Confluence Cloud.

Access the application settings

To access the application settings, the Administrator needs to open the addon and click on the Gear icon on the page header. The Administrator will be taken to a 


The app has the ability to have more than one Administrator

  1. Click on the Administrators Tab
  2. Select the users you want to be Administrators
  3. To delete administrators, click on the cross icon at the right of each name. You will see that the addon needs at least one administrator and the cross icon will not appear.

Slack Integration

There is a Slack integration that can be installed from the Slack app directory. Once it's installed you can tune the settings for that integration under the [Slac Integration] tab.

  • Send notification to the configured Slack channel after a Recognition has been given/approved

          If it is active a message to the channel where the addon was installed will be sent after a new recognition has been posted.

  • Show the Core Value description in Slack notifications

          If it is checked the Slack notification will include the Core Values' description

General Settings

The general settings section allows the administrators to customize the behavior and workflow of the application. Below you will find a list of the settings that can be tuned in this section.

  • Notify recognized users via e-mail

          If it is active an email will be sent to the recognized users when a Recognition is posted.

  • Notify reviewers when new recognitions are created via e-mail

          If it is active and the addon has reviewers an email will be sent to them to notify that a new recognition is pending to be reviewed.

  • Notify user when the recognition is approved/rejected

          If it is active and the addon has reviewers an email will be sent to the user that created a recognition to notify him that his recognition has been approved or rejected.

  • Show a list of values and images instead of only core values images 

          Display a list of values ​​and images instead of just images of core values when creating a new recognition.

  • Change Core Value Name

          By default, the addon uses the "Core Value" name as the name for the company's values. You can change it here if you want to call them another way.


The app has the ability to assign Reviewers. If the addon has Reviewers assigned, all the recognitions created will be reviewed by them before being posted. If the addon doesn't have reviewers recognitions will be posted without any revision.

Manage reviewers

The administrators of the application are the ones with the permissions to assign reviewers. In order to accomplish that they have to navigate to the settings section and:

  1. Click on the Reviewers Tab
  2. Select the users they want to become reviewers
  3. To delete reviewers, click on the cross icon at the right of each name

Core values

As we stated in the glossary of terms, the core values are a catalog that can be managed by the administrators while being in the settings section of the application. In the first tab of the settings section, you will find the existing core values for your Confluence team.

Define core values

The core values catalog elements are composed of 3 fields:

  • Image.- The visual representation of the core value.
  • Name.- The textual representation of the core value.
  • Description.- An optional guide for the users to know more about a core value.

Create core values

To create a new core value, the administrator should click on the "Create New Core Value" button. Please note that the button name can change if the core value name is different under General Settings configuration

Once clicked, a new dialog will be displayed on the screen and the user will be required to fill out the required fields. Once the form is completed just click on the [Create] button.

Edit core values

In order to Edit a core value the user has to click on the pencil button in the desired core value.

Similarly to the core value creation, a dialog will be displayed on the screen so that the user can change the content of the form's fields. Once the edition is completed just click on the [Edit] button.

Delete core values

To delete a Core value, click on the trash button and accept the dialog asking if you are sure.


In this section, you will find information about how to use the app as a regular user who wants to give recognition to other people in the team.

General view

The default page for the application is the Recognition page, it has an auto-scroll feature to see more recognitions on the page. The general layout for this screen is composed by:

  • The header section.- Here is the page title and the main controls of the application. These controls will be available only for specific application roles:
    • The [New Recognition] button will be available all the time for all the users.
    • The [Reports] button will be available for administrators only.
    • The [Review] button will be available for reviewers only.
    • The Gear button (settings) will be available for administrators only.

Also, you can search for specific recognitions using the filters.

  1. Date Filter: We have options for selecting Today, Last Week, Last Month, All, or a Custom Date Range. By default, the "Last week" option is selected.

  2. User filter: The user can type one or more users to filter

  3. Core Value Filter: The user can select one or more core values to filter

Create new recognition

If we want to create a new recognition, we need to click the [New Recognition] button.

A new dialog will appear to fill the information. You can recognize more than one person at a time and recognize them for different core values with one single recognition:

After filling the data, we create new recognition by clicking the [Create] button.

Note: If the application has reviewers configured the created recognition will not be shown until the reviewers have reviewed it and approved. Depending on the settings, the recognized users, the reviewers, and the recognizer user can receive an email explaining the Recognition status.

Delete recognition

Only administrators are able to delete recognitions, the idea behind this is to avoid spam, offensive content, or something similar in a recognition. To delete them the Administrator user can click on the top right corner cross icon on each recognition:

After clicking the button a confirmation dialog will appear, if confirmed the recognition will be deleted:


After a recognition have been posted and the application is configured to send emails to recognized users, an email will be sent like this template:

Reviewing Recognitions

Reviewing is an important part of the application that can be configured optionally. We recommend you activating this option as you can control the quality of the recognitions posted in the application.


If the app is configured with Reviewer notifications each Reviewer will receive an email each time a Recognition is pending to review.

Also, the Reviewer users will have the Review button visible with a blue notification indicating the number of recognitions that are pending to review. 

After a recognition has been Approved or Rejected and the setting to notify the Recognizer user is enabled, the Recognizer user will receive an email explaining if his recognition has been approved or rejected and the reason for it:

Approving / Rejecting Recognitions

After clicking on the email button or the Review button on the menu a new screen will appear:

The Review view has a list that is paginated and can be filtered by two different filters:

  1. User filter: The user can type one or more users to filter

  2. Core Value Filter: The user can select one or more core values to filter

To approve all recognitions on the page the Reviewer can click the Approve All Page button, a confirmation window will appear and after clicking it all the recognitions pending to review on the page will be approved and posted.

To approve a single recognition the Reviewer has to click on the  button. After that the recognition will be approved and posted.

To reject a recognition the Reviewer has to click on the button. A confirmation screen will appear and the Reviewer needs to add a reason for the rejection. After accepted the recognition will not be posted.


Reports view is only available to Administrators and it shows a different kind of information. Data of the reports can be filtered by Date with the same filter as the Recognitions view:

Number of recognitions per Badge

Most recognized users per Badge

Recognitions macro for home screen

In order to improve the visibility of the recent recognitions and who is living your company's values, We have included a macro that shows up the last week's recognition. This is intended to be included in the home screen's welcome message. In order to do so, you have to edit the welcome message ( you can follow this page) Inside the welcome message, just include the macro {recent recognitions} And you'll be able to see a list of recent recognitions on your home screen.

In case you have any other question please send us an email at